Snapp Photo Booth’s talented and friendly staff consists of Cesar, Juliana, Robert and Patricia. We are a fresh face in the Orange County Photo Booth Industry, yet due to our unparalleled expertise and knowledge of innovative technology, we already stand apart from others in the Industry. With a background in graphic design, the owner, Cesar, integrates a creative flair with high visual image art. While working as a graphic artist, he was responsible for creating art for many reputable clients as well as numerous magazines.  However, a desire to evolve and own his own business led him to the Photo Booth Industry where he felt he could share his artistic skills with his community.  His handcrafted artistry adds a personal touch to Snapp Photo Booth’s photos. Additionally, the staff is well-versed with the latest digital camera technology, which produces only the highest quality photos for you. 

Snapp Photo Booth generates fun and excitement and is perfect for any event.  We enthusiastically work with you to capture memories and to create a narrative of your special day.  Unlike our competitors, we offer distinctive custom designs, which means your guests can take home uniquely personalized mementos.  It’s best to reserve us one month in advance to guarantee your special day, and it gives us plenty of time to create a design layout for you. If your event is a fundraiser or charity, we do offer special pricing. Our service is also integrated with social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, where you and your guests can instantly download and tag pictures of your event.

Our booth is simple to use and will surely put a smile on each one of your guests’ faces with our wide array of outrageously fun props. You can also bring your own props to personalize your event.  The Photo Booth itself is approximately 4' x 7' with a hard case enclosure and two exit curtains that can accommodate up to 7 adults, and it is wheelchair accessible. We use a green screen, which allows you to use any image, from real to fictional, as the background for your photos.  It also functions as an open air booth to accommodate more guests or to use an area of your location as the background.  Inside the booth you will find an easy to use touch screen with the option of either black and white or color photos. Each high-quality digital photo will print out in a Snapp, without any drying time, and they are long lasting.

The Snapp Photo Booth staff is highly qualified to make sure the operation of the booth runs smoothly from start to finish.  Our professional look and our distinctive colorful glasses will help you find us at any moment.  If your venue requires proof of insurance, we are more than happy to provide it. We are fully insured. 

Lastly, dates can be changed upon request if your newly requested date is available. Cancellations will be penalized.